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”​ “Giving you wings to fly

WELCOME to the flojo Butterfly Foundation

The flojo Butterfly Foundation supports budding entrepreneurs and small business which opens up opportunities for success and contribution to the local economy.

The flojo Butterfly Foundation has a mission to train, develop and empower people to reach their full potential in the workplace.
By partnering, communicating, coordinating and cooperating with companies, individuals and all relevant willing parties, the flojo Butterfly Foundation anticipates success for each member on our programme.

The flojo Butterfly Foundation aims to help remove barriers for low skilled individuals by developing self-esteem and confidence to all committed to our programme.
The flojo Butterfly Foundation endeavors to create a climate favourable to small business creation which is entrepreneur friendly.

Florence Peters

Florence Peters

Founding Executive Director

2 Kingsmead way
Hollywoodbets Kingsmead Stadium
South stand suite 127

cell: +27 (0) 76 349 0677

e-mail: flo@butterflyfoundation.co.za

Giving you wings to fly



Noting with concern the struggles faced by the young and old of our society regarding employment, flojo Butterfly Foundation was formed. The main elements of difficulty appear to be centered around the lack of employable skills and placement in the job sector.
In this light, flojo Butterfly Foundation aims to:



flojo Butterfly Foundation aims to develop sustainable, long-term provision to upskill the unemployed and unskilled, thereby contributing towards the alleviation of South Africa’s struggle with unemployment and poverty.



We aim to generate change by inspiring hope in all those whose lives we touch by providing simple tools that will empower individuals to generate an income through knowledge and various skill sets. This will be achieved by analysing the individual’s natural skills and ability, and by providing empowerment through training, knowledge and skill sets. Our beneficiaries will be encouraged to be the best at whatever they aspire to be, through endurance, perseverance and commitment, via our transparent training and development academy. By developing a culture of “earn your own success”, we will assist our clients to grow their wings and fly.



We wish to incorporate within our clients, the spiritual values of the butterfly, which are:

butterfly with Caterpillar
Our Foundation Members

Florence Peters

Founder & Director

I believe in the power of positivity, commitment and hard work, and that each person is responsible for and must earn his or her own success. This value system was passed down to me by my late mother, who had the nickname of BUTTERFLY she had all the qualities attributed to this delicate creature. I thought it was appropriate to name the foundation in honour of her legacy.


Allison Valentine


I am currently a home-executive with 3 adult daughters and one grandchild. I place great value on instilling good moral and values in my children and bringing home to them the importance of education.  


Derna Fynn

Liaison & Communications Officer

My passion has always been to assist and empower those struggling to negotiate their paths in a successful and productive way, with particular emphasis on the youth, hence my history of interaction with youth in many aspects, from social skills to education.


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The flojo Butterfly Foundation has a mission to train, develop and empower people to reach their full potential in the workplace

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Donation Total: R200.00 One Time